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Sorry, no Youtube for me. They deleted my channel. I use Dailymotion and Vimeo now.

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30 Oct 2016: Helene Fischer wins "Goldene Henne 2016"
Helene Fischer won the German Music award "die Goldene Henne 2016" for her Christmas album.
23 Oct 2016: Helene Fischer in Schlagerbooom
Last Friday we attended the recordings of the “Schlagerbooom” in the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund. We were there, not because of the “Schlager” music, but because of the main course of the evening, Helene Fischer. The audience went berserk when she arrived, and she performed very well. But I must say, these “schlager”-stages are a bit too small for such a superstar.
12 Oct 2016: Helene Fischer: They pulled her leg
A couple of years ago they pulled her leg, but our sunshine, Helene Fischer, reacted like an angel. For the Dutch fans I put subtitles in it.
25 Sep 2016: Video added to Vimeo
Video editing can be a real pain in the ass. Finally I got this one ready. Sailing over our city hanging on a hot-air balloon. Nice work done by
29 Aug 2016: Video of the fireworks in Peniscola Spain
Today I uploaded the video I made from the fireworks in Peniscola Spain, august 2, to DailyMotion. Have a bit fun.
11 Jun 2016: Helene Fischer Fan reunion Video

16 May 2016: Video added to Vimeo

08 May 2016: Video added to Vimeo
For my work, I come to the most beautiful places. Last week I visited our watertreatment plant, the Braakman, in the far south-west of the Netherlands.
09 Apr 2016: Helene Fischer wins 4 Echo’s
Nobody ever won four Echo’s, the most important music award in Germany, two years in a row. But little miss Perfect, Helene Fischer, did just that, and brings the total amount of her Echo’s to sixteen. And that amount also is an absolute record. Here you can watch all the scenes with Helene in that TV-Show.
13 Feb 2016: Video added to Vimeo
Don’t be alarmed: it’s only a trial animation with After Effects.
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July 22, 2018, 19:30
Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz Arena

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