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Helene Fischer Fanpage
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19 Sep 2017: Video of Helene Fischer Tour Hannover
Helene does acrobatics with Cirque du Soleil
19 Sep 2017: Video of Helene Fischer Tour Hannover
Helene sings Country & Western "Dein Blick" and "Wir Zwei"
19 Sep 2017: Video of Helene Fischer Tour Hannover
Helene sings "Unser Tag"
19 Sep 2017: Video of Helene Fischer Tour Hannover
Helene sings "Atemlos durch die Nacht"
17 Sep 2017: Helene Fischer on Tour
This week Helene’s new tour started with five concerts in Hannover. We visited Helene Fischer three times, and were more than blown away: what a show, what a performance of this world class artist. Cirque du Soleil added the show-elements and acrobatics, but Helene's voice, performance and charisma overwhelmed us all. I made some pictures so you can get a good impression.
16 Aug 2017: Helene Fischer on TV
July 22, on the German tv-channel ZDF, Helene Fischer performed one of her new songs, "Flieger".
19 Jul 2017: Helene Fischer 2017: non plus ultra
The release of Helene’s new album comes with the Deluxe Edition, the vinyl LP and some remixes.
I got them all ;-)
17 Jun 2017: Helene Fischer in Let's Dance
Today I added some pictures of Helene Fischer performing in the TV-Show "Let's Dance". With many thanks to my dear Swiss friend.
24 May 2017: With Helene Fischer "Atemlos im Kesselhaus"
Last night we went to a once only concert in the Kesselhaus in Munich. Helene Fischer presented her new album, which has only her name. It was an intimate concert, but overwhelming as well. For us, the fans, but also for Helene. There were about 700 fans, and we just made Helene flying. Helene played all the 24 songs of her new album, and an extra 4 older songs at the end. The concert lasted almost 3 hours. It was a once only concert, but we the fans will remember it a lifetime. This time I didn’t took a lot of pictures and I shot only 1 minute of video, of the final song. We were so close to Helene, and I just wanted to enjoy the concert.
10 May 2017: Release Concert of Helene Fischer
YES!!! We got tickets for this once only release concert. Friday the 12th of May, Helene Fischer releases her new album, three years after her successful album Farbenspiel. There will be a very small release concert the 24th of May, and we will be there.
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July 22, 2018, 19:30
Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz Arena

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