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30 May 2018: Helene Fischer in Welcome Austria
Last night Helene gave an interview and a performance of her song Adieu, in a whole new arrangement.
30 May 2018: Helene Fischer Interviews in Austria
Helene was in Austria for some interviews on radio and television. I made a summary of these programs.
01 May 2018: New cover added: Helene Fischer - Live Die Arena-Tournee (2018)
Music-Musical, 177 minutes, directed by Paul Dugdale, with Helene Fischer.
More info at: IMDB
15 Apr 2018: Helene Fischer wins Echo Award
Last Thursday Helene Fischer won her 17th Echo Award, an amazing number. She performed 2 times, of which once in a Spanish duet with Luis Fonsi, Échame la culpa.
07 Apr 2018: Helene Fischer comes to the Netherlands
In 2012 she was last seen in the Netherlands, but finally, after almost 6 years Helene Fischer comes to Arnhem in the Netherlands. At the end of her vast tour with more than 80 concerts, which started September 2017, Helene will visit the Gelredome arena the 15th of September. I’m afraid though, that the tickets are already sold out.
22 Feb 2018: Helene Fischer in Oberhausen
This time I recorded almost every announcement Helene Fischer made in her show. It’s quite lovely how she does it every time again, improvising the lot.
08 Feb 2018: New cover added: Helene Fischer - TV-Show 2017 (2017)
Music-Musical, 185 minutes, with Helene Fischer.
04 Feb 2018: Helene Fischer in Stuttgart
The tour of Helene Fischer is big and started in September 2017 until march 2018; 69 concerts in 14 cities. In Stuttgart we saw her 46th and 47th concert, and for us it was amazing…AGAIN!!! Two nights it was party all the way; not much time to take many pictures, but a few of them are pretty good, I think.
18 Jan 2018: Helene Fischer Never seen before Video
The pictures are great, but the live performance of Helene Fischer is awesome.
17 Jan 2018: Helene Fischer Never seen before
What a performance of Helene Fischer last Saturday on the German television show "Schlager Champions". Like we’ve never seen before. I’ve been sent some nice pictures.
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