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14 Sep 2015: New cover added: Helene Fischer - Farbenspiel Live Die Stadion Tournee (2015)
Music-Musical, BD50, 140 minutes, with Helene Fischer.
31 Aug 2015: Helene on television
This Saturday, the 5th of September, the German television ZDF shows the concert of Helene Fischer recorded in the Olympic Stadium of Berlin on the 4th and 5th of July. Both nights we were there, and it was awesome: 38 degrees Celsius and on Sunday the 5th even a thunderstorm hit us. Helene had to sing her last two songs in the pouring rain, and ended unprepared and unexpected singing “Purple Rain”. Wow, what an artist!
15 Aug 2015: Video blocked by Youtube
After 8 months and more than 140.000 views Youtube blocked my video impression of Helene Fischer’s concert in Oberhausen September 30, 2014. So I uploaded this nice video to Dailymotion. Have a bit fun.
08 Jul 2015: Video of Helene Fischer in Berlin
This video is a bit shaky, but by special request of a fan I uploaded it to Dailymotion. Me and all the other fans are always overwhelmed by the things Helene says: so casual, so sweet, so unaffected.
08 Jul 2015: Video of Helene Fischer in Berlin
Finally I made a summary of the videos I shot in Berlin, Sunday the 5th of July. Special attention should be given at 1:14 minutes, where Helene acts like a weather-girl.
06 Jul 2015: Pictures of Helene Fischer in Berlin
In a steaming hot Berlin we saw two concerts of Little Miss Perfect, Helene Fischer. Saturday July 4, it was 38 degrees in the Olympic Stadium of Berlin and 60.000 people watched another great show, where Helene sweated like a horse for more than two hours. Sunday it started even worse, but at the end a thunderstorm exploded and sadly she had to shorten the show. But the final was awesome: Helene and all her fans singing "Atemlos" in the rain. Finally, soaking wet, she said goodbye singing “Purple Rain”.
06 Jul 2015: Pictures of our visit in Berlin
Thanks to Helene we had some time to visit the city of Berlin. We didn't see all we wanted, because with 38 degrees it was hot as hell. Some nice pictures though.
06 Jul 2015: Video of Helene singing in the rain
With our 6th concert, yesterday in Berlin, for us the greatest tour of Helene Fischer ended with an unforgettable final: a thunderstorm in the Olympic Stadium. And Helene showed that she wants to be really close to her fans. This video clearly demonstrates that Little Miss Perfect definitely is not and will not be a Diva.
27 Jun 2015: Video of Helene Fischer in Gelsenkirchen
Real fans just can't get enough of Helene flying through the arena. Also last Sunday I recorded this spectacular action of Little Miss Perfect.
27 Jun 2015: Video of Helene Fischer in Gelsenkirchen
The last video of Gelsenkirchen is a summary, which gives a nice view on the awesome stage and the sweetest things Helene says and does.
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