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18 Aug 2004: New IP-address.
Today I got a new IP-address. It takes a while before all name servers are updated. That's why my site has been unreachable for a couple of hours. Oh, my new IP: Thanks to my provider Xenosite for their perfect service: they actually answer your call within seconds, and they know their business.
12 Aug 2004: Two ways to get to BiTFuN.
Before anyone cuts the grass before my feet: I got hold of the domain. So you can reach me two ways: or
03 Aug 2004: Back again !!
Hello to all of you, BiTFuN visitors. Back from a wonderful holiday in Spain. Of course the pictures are online and can be seen here. Apart from enjoying the sun, sea, sand and…., I re-wrote this homepage and my guestbook in PHP.
05 Jul 2004: Updates of My favorites, Links and DVD-page.
Another PHP-page has born: DVD-movies. Lot's of high quality covers on this one. Check it out. Also some favorite links added on my Links and on the right side of this page.
28 Jun 2004: Our front garden.
These photos were taken when our front garden was redeveloped. Special thanks to Martin for his great design. And Ko for his magic with stainless steel.
05 Jun 2004: Tons of photo's on my PHP-photo gallery.
Literally thousands of photo's are online right now. And every week I add many more. That's the advantage of running your own web server: no limits!!!
23 May 2004: PHP-photo gallery under construction.
Check this out: my first trials with PHP. I was looking for an easy way of creating photo galleries and I found out PHP was much easier then Photoshop and HTTP. Thanks to Jake Olefsky.
16 May 2004: Biesdrecht Personnel party.
These photos are placed on this website exclusively for the personnel of Evides. After the merger it was about time to cool down a bit. Rolling a ball and having a bite is a nice way of breaking the ice.
09 May 2004: Problems with big hard disk.
Windows 2000 before SP3 and the first versions of WinXP have problems with large hard disks (>137GB). So I found out!!! One of my 4 HD's is 160GB, and it worked fine until the space used was approx 137GB: Windows and Partition Magic as well told me that the HD was empty and needed to be formatted AGAIN. Read about it at Microsoft. If not many write actions were done you can still rescue data with GetDataBack from Runtime Software.
03 Apr 2004: Evides is born !!
For over a year now, we expected the merger of Waterbedrijf Europoort and Delta Water. Yesterday we celebrated the merger of these nice companies to Evides.
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