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12 Jan 2004: Some updates.
WinAmp 5.0 full edition MP3 player Download from BiTFuN FTP 4,01 MB
DVDDecrypter for ripping DVD's to harddisk Download from BiTFuN FTP 762 kB
DVDShrink v2.3 makes perfect copies from DVD's like DVD2one but it's FREEWARE Download from BiTFuN FTP 777 kB
AnyDVD removes all protections from DVD's Their website 935 kB
08 Jan 2004: All ASP-scripts re-written.
Not only the scripts for the DVD-database are completely re-written but also the scripts for CD-albums and TOP2000 are rocking my server. Please feel free to test it and give your comment in my guestbook or by e-mail.
02 Jan 2004: DVD-covers in database.
Due to lame ASP options in Frontpage my DVD-database didn't always scroll through the pages. I wrote some new routines in VB-script, (yes I did, Bernard) and the database should run quite nicely now.
01 Jan 2004: Happy New Year to all of you.
May all your wishes come true, but most of all: have a Bit Fun this year !!!
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